Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Happy New Years Eve!

Father, we lift up all these prayer request and come in agreement putting ten thousand times ten thousand times ten thousand to flight! We take authority OVER and pull down the strongholds of ALL terrorism in every form and ask that you subdue the enemy. We plead the blood of Jesus and Angels of God over all. Thanks you for helping the authorities find the terrorists, but we ask that YOU GOD ALMIGHTY chain them before they hurt any more.

We BIND Muslim/Arab and all Extremists from MURDERING Christains, Americans, Israelis, and all innocent people all over the world!

We BIND chemical, biological and nuclear warfare and terrorism.

We pray for your to have your hand over our land and in our lives this day and in the days to come and ask for your mercy, grace, love, peace, joy, healing, prosperity and HOLY presence. We give you ALL THE praise and glory Oh Most High God Jesus Christ Lord God ALMIGHTY! IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME, NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES! AMEN! And every one said........AMEN!

Thank you for your prayers of agreement!