Thursday, September 04, 2008

The New Stage of America

Tonight John McCain walks on the stage of the Republican National Convention.  Day four of the RNC and here we are its biggest night.  We listen to Mr. John McCain, Senator John McCain, and soon to be we believe our next President of the United States of America.

Last night Sarah Palin, Governor of the great State of Alaska gave us an awesome and wonderful speech.  Fully loaded with fire, truth and power.  Tonight we got to hear her story again and also the story of Cindy McCain two amazing women.  We were blessed by listening to Sarah Palin last night and tonight again blessed by another great lady who is fit for the Whitehouse and First Lady to President John McCain.

Tonight as we listen to John McCain and what he stands for we listen to a man of integrity, who suffered in a prison cell for America and stood strong against  breaking down under torture.  He loves America, he loves his wife, family and I believe in him.  Because I believe in him and the chain of command it did not take any time to believe in his Vice President pick of Sarah Palin. 

When you understand the chain of command then you understand also why I have continued to stand with our current President and even his decision to send our troops into Iraq.  You see when you understand chain of command in a good man you don't bend with the wind of false hope and change and big talk. 

The new stage of America does not consist of fake pillars but sound foundational principles.  That is why I love the bare stage of the Republican National Convention a blue sky in the background and the most beautiful flag in the world waving in the background, the simple but elegant flag of the United States of America.