Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Father, we come in agreement and BIND any and all terrorism from America, our Soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world everywhere, Israel, and all innocent people. We BIND you satan in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

We BIND any one including from the help of the ACLU or ANY judge from overturning todays bill signed by our President BANNING partial birth abortion! We BIND them from messing with the little unborn children any more! AND we ask you Father to forgive us for any and all abortions and we ask that you STOP any women or girl from having an abortion. We pray for conviction and a supernatural awareness that that little tiny human being IS a human being before it is too late.

Thank you for your mercy and grace Lord Jesus. Please touch the entire world for you and draw all men, women and children unto you. In Jesus Name! Amen!

Help us, heal us, bless us and make us a blessing that YOU may establish your covenant in this earth. Even so come quickly Lord Jesus!

Love, Wanda