Saturday, December 30, 2006

Love it! PRAY for it! Or Leave it!

WARNING! Please forgive me ahead of time for any offense to anyone that might be offended by the following. I do NOT mean for it to hurt anyone's feelings or make any one mad. I am usually VERY sweet and gentle, but I have heard SO much hatred lately for our President that I am VERY sick of it! The Spirit of God is sick of it! And whoever needs to repent needs to repent.
Love, Wanda

Well, Praise the Lord! And pass the Beans! It's going to be a brand NEW YEAR! So Happy New Year Everyone!

For all of you sweet people out there just warning you better close your eyes and shut your ears, cause now I have a few things to say!!!

For all of you President haters! and war haters who just sit around criticizing the president and this Iraqi war!!! Why don't you just......

Start PRAYING for our President and our TROOPS like ya shoulda been doing all along, as if ya were REAL AMERICANS!!!! But instead you been bitchin' and complainin' bout how many soldiers have been dying, when you SHOULDA been CRYIN' and PRAYIN' and askin' God to PROTECT them. It ain't President Bush's fault they're dyin'!!!!
It YOURS and MINE if we ain't been prayin'!!!! So why don't you just

LOVE IT or LEAVE it!!!..... cause........................
THE REAL DEAL ENEMY just went to HELL yesterday!!!!!
now! are ya sad! or are ya GLAD!!!! or do you want to JOIN him. SAD........DAM........Hussein!!!!

And that's ALL I got to say!!!

Now be quiet and START praying again, or start if you never did start! IN Jesus Name!!!!

The President made a decision and I know WHY!!! We went there, some prayed for a few days, a few months, whatEVER! But on the WHOLE we didn't KEEP on praying! Not with the FERVER it takes!!! So the troops have been there. But we haven't!!! Just like Vietnam-WHERE WE'RE the Prayer WARRIORS? WE as a "church" on the whole, NOT EVERYONE, and NOT MANY, but on the WHOLE-those who proclaim to BE Christians-go to "church", sit in the pews, warm the pews and ENJOY a real nice Sunday at "church", or those who don't even go to church. AND I AM NOT coming against it! I'm just sent here by God to WAKE IT! UP! The parts that continuously GO TO SLEEP after a big disaster or whatever!!!

For those of you who are smart enough to know what I am talking about! Praise the Lord! You KNOW!!! For other........what's it going to take!!!!

WAKE UP! (now I hate (well, I don't "hate") preachers who yell AT the church) and I don't EVEN want to be one that has that reputation. God doesn't need HIS Church to be yelled AT!!! Now there is a BIG difference between yelling AT the Church and Preaching an Anointed Serman with the FERVER and FIRE of the Hot Holy Spirit's Anointing. For those of you who KNOW what I am talking about you KNOW!!! I can't beat anyone over the head with what I am saying. You just won't get it until you get it-a revelation of it. Until then

I LOVE ALL of YOU!!! No matter who you are. LOVE is STILL the Greatest!!!!

And for all you sweet people who NEVER DID stop prayin'. God will REWARD you for hangin' in there with our troops!
And we better thank them for the FREE SPEECH they died to give us!!!!