Monday, November 20, 2006

What in the News is There to Prayer About? OH!!! I KNOW....OUR TROOPS!!!!

Dear God

It's been a while since I have come here to pray. But YOU know I have been praying, but maybe not that much lately. Maybe it's called "burnout" Lord. Let me ask you this Father, and I already know the answer, but let me just bring it up. Oh, what the heck, let me just pray about it Lord. You know I do better at praying than just "rambling on".

Father I come to you and lift up all the other "Prayer Warriors" like me who are "burned out". We are exhausted, because sometimes we feel like the only ones, even though we are NOT the "only ones". But we "feel" like the bottom of the barrel. And you know why, don't you Lord. Because we are ALWAYS in the front line battles in PRAYER for the ENTIRE WHOLE WORLD, yet we struggle the MOST over finances, how to pay the bills, etc. I don't have to tell you this Lord.

And I know that we aren't the "ONLY ONES" who struggle with money, bills, etc. SO SO SO MANY people in this world are starving, hungry, homeless, and suffering because of lack.

But LORD, YOU showed me something VERY VERY VERY WONDERFUL about how people can begin being DELIVERED from financial struggles. AND.......anyone can begin doing this and YOU WILL BEGIN TO BLESS like never before.

So LORD, I lift us all up to YOU oh Most High God. I pray that as I teach and preach this wonderful anointed revelation that you gave me to give to the people, that they WOULD begin to do the SIMPLE things you told me to tell. AND.....that they would begin this VERY EVENING to begin being blessed like NEVER before. Out of the foolish things of God come the MOST AMAZING things for people.

So help every one who thinks they don't have anything to give, to BEGIN to GIVE from the change in their pockets, to the penny jars hidden away. Let them TRULY begin with the smallest-the "widows mite" and Keep on giving into your GOSPEL. Then as their finances MIRACULOUSLY begin to GROW that they would continue to give the "widow's mite" because it keeps us humble, and that they would ALSO begin to give one dollar bills. Then as that grows their finances they would give five dollar bills and ten dollar bills on up / checks, tithes, whatever TOO, but they would ALWAYS give the smaller too as they give the GREATER.

And BLESS BLESS BLESS them back one hundred to a thousand fold and bless the money in the Ministries and Churches also hundred to a thousand fold so the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ can be preached and more and more people will fill heaven, be blessed by God, be safe, delivered and live the ABUNDANT LIFE you truly promised.

AND LORD!!! You said if we would not forget the pour, that you would not forget us in our time of trouble!!! So HELP US TO ALWAYS remember the poor. AND LORD....what about the SINGLE MOM!!! And their ORPHANED children. Whatever the case, however they got there, please WAKE UP THE DEAD CHURCH in this area and prick them in the BUTT and get them OFF their AAAAAAA.........................I'm mean off their PPPPPEEEEEE......UUUUWWWWW. , etc. etc.

And we ask this all in the Mighty Name of Jesus and give you all the praise and glory! In Jesus Name, Amen

Love, Wanda