Friday, April 20, 2007

RE: URGENT Prayer For Nasa Engineering Bldg. Houston!

We come in agreement right now for this situation!!!
We BIND anybody from being hurt by this guy with a gun!!!We hope and pray NO one has been hurt yet!!! We Take authority over you satan from this guy whoever he is and whatever his problem is. We BIND his ANGER and RAGE in Jesus name!!! Convict him right now LOrd! Send your Word!! to his heart!
Blood of Jesus, Angels of God over all the people. Touch this man Lord and DISARM him. Send your WORD Lord right now!!!
Help the authorities and keep them ALL safe too Lord!!!!
In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ! Amen!
Anointing destroys the yoke
and everybody says.........AMEN!!!!

For those of you who need to learn how to pray here it is!
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