Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Prayer over the economy

Dear God  * This is really serious.  I ask you to help America.  Economy Father, Wall street, political decisions from the White House that are affecting the markets.  They gripe and complain about Wall street but when it tanks people lose money.  It hurts everybody from small to large business that employ people and help people come out of poverty!  Lord the liberal paint it to look like the Republican don't care about poor people and the middle class but we are all a part of the poor and middle class and we need the rich too! 

Father it's such a lie from the pit of hell.  I've been on both sides and KNOW.  Every little and big move the President makes and democrat congress is usually bad for the over all of our country.  Please wake people up.  And in the meantime we need a miracle of your grace to hold us up!  Help businesses prosper.  Help them hire the right people.  Help the unemployed get the job they need!  And I thank you!  In Jesus Name, amen!