Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Morning Prayer

Dear God Almighty

Father, we (whosoever you are that wants to agree) come in agreement in the Mighty Name of Jesus. We lift up our lives, our country America to YOU dear God! We lift up this person in the Whitehouse trying to be our leader - President - yet he did not produce a birth certificate so many of us think he is a phoney, but LORD we put him in your hands and we put congress in your hands. We ask you LORD to watch over our country why they are tearing it apart at the very foundations and socking it to us, taking our private sectors, companies and putting millions and billions more debt on us and our children and grandchildren. HELP LORD!

Father, we lift up the precious people of Iran and take authority over the slaughter of these people. Dear God send your mighty Angels! We plead the blood of Jesus over these people.

Help us each individually and coorporately this day. We love you and give you all the praise and glory! IN the Mighty Name of Jesus!