Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dear God

Dear God, I'm not awake yet and you know it, but I lift this day up to you. The whole world is in your hands. But Lord the whole world does not know you. Thank you for your mercy. We lift up America to you Lord. The TROOPS Lord right now, the precious lives who fight for our country. Touch them now LORD with your everything, your strength, peace, love, MIGHTY POWER of energy, protection, provision, wisdom, Angels of God. And our families, and wonderful friends Lord, please touch, heal, HEAL LORD, deliver, provisions for every need thank you dear God.

And for our country the leaders that have been acting so STUPIDLY namely that 'one' and congress bring them DOWN to their knees. Stop their evil blood sucking policies! And I pray this all in the Mighty Name of Jesus giving you all the praise and glory! Amen