Monday, August 06, 2012

Praying against a few things and praying for a few things amen

Dear God!

I am praying against a few things today!  I come against this seems to be "trending" shooting massacres.  I BIND them all in the name of Jesus!  I also BIND mockers that would mock what I do!  They can express themselves and have all the free speech they have a choice at I bind them from hindering what I do ...what YOU have called me to do.  I ask that you begin funding what I do through advertisers and donations also!

Lord I life up people and their dental health and physical health.  That you heal teeth and gums and bodies Lord!  I drive out every devil, sickness, disease, and cause of ill health.  I thank YOU that you are the great HIS stripes we are healed.

Lord thank you for this day we give you all the praise and glory!  Help each one fulfilled our destiny in you!

In Jesus Mighty Name!  Amen