Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Dear God

It's been a while since I've been here, but now I'm here.  Thank YOU for YOU, for who YOU are, for what you are all about and for sending Jesus, for your Holy Spirit, for YOUR help at this time.  We lift up our nation to you.  America, Dear God needs you like no other time in history.  

Father, we are on the brink of so much change as you know and have been watching that it is sickening.  Please STOP the insanity of it all THIS DAY!  You know like no one else all the people involved in taking this country the wrong direction.  You have seen obama from day one spit on our Country, Constitution and it's people, including the unborn.  You have watched as congress with it's leaders Pelosi, Reid, Murtha spit on our troops.  It has to stop dear God and we come to you now and ask that YOU stop them in their tracks.  

Have YOUR way Lord and Your way only.  It is the way of peace, peace through strength, prosperity and freedom.  I praise you this day for who you are in my life and the life of my son and the life of our country.  I give you praise and glory for your love, mercy and grace over all.  

Take down the bad, lift up the good.  And we give you all the praise and glory IN the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS, Amen.