Sunday, December 10, 2006

Law verses Grace verses Back to Law Again

If we aren't careful, we can begin to create our own "laws" as Christians. And as we ourselves are sucked into our own little "laws" we have put on ourselves we can also put those same "laws" on others (all in the Name of Jesus). This is a terrible tragedy in the "church" because, remember when we first got SAVED? How fresh and wonderful it was and how LOVE abounded more than ANYTHING "religious".

We were SO loved by God and we felt that love. We NEEDED that LOVE. We SOAKED in like a sponge that LOVE. But, something can almost start immediately for some. And for others this something has been blinding some that they don't even know they are the frog in the hot water. Now they are almost DEAD from their own "religion" they have created and they are peddling it now in the name of the Lord as "Christianity", but it is really just HATRED and a over zealous spirit from hell that comes to keep the sinner out.

Oh, yes, Jesus talks about these people and was upset with them the MOST in the Bible. The SAD u SEE and the PHAR i see. Keep the LETTER OF THE LAW til it KILLED the prince of peace. Oh, I know my sins and yours put Jesus on the Cross. You SEE the LETTER OF THE LAW...........................KILLS................KILLS.................KILLS................and that is why SO many people don't want to JOIN our little Christian community. They see hypocrasy which should have been gone a long long long time ago.

BUT.........we have taken on exactly what He said NOT to do..................judge. Now He did say judge rightous judgment, but we are NOT the judge. God sent NOT His Son into the world to CONDEMN the world nor each other. And it's ok the PREACH brother PREACH, but DO NOT GRIEVE the HOLY SPIRIT!!!

Thank you God for Jesus. Thank you for the Lamb of God who took away the sins of the whole world. Thank you for your SWEET Holy Spirit. He's GENTLE AS A DOVE. We love you Lord and forgive us for our blindness, our MEANNESS, our critical spirits from HELL. Forgive us and CLEANSE us from ALLLLLLL unrighteousness..........down to the core of our very soul being!!!

Wipe away all tears Lord. Only you know what is really going on deep down. So many people are bruised, but YOU were bruised for us. So many people are in the quick sand of trauma. HEAL us all Lord. Wipe away all tears. Bless us and make us the REAL blessings you want us to be.......LIGHTS shining in a dark dark world.

Peace on Earth, GOOD WILL toward men.

In Jesus Name I pray. Amen

Love, Wanda Fay
Outreach Pastor of the Day