Friday, February 17, 2012

Prayer over Obama, his voters, our country, our personal lives.

Dear God  ...a lot in the news about Obama "care".  MUCH slicing, dicing and shredding the Constitution.  Mandate?  Lord....what's up with that?  Lord I KNOW the people who voted Obama into office did so with the wool pulled over their eyes.  They CHOSE to ignore the warning signs we all were trying to give to them.  HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE LORD!  I am tired of being upset about all of this.  Convict the ones who voted about of OBSTINANCE and help them learn.  I put this, them and him in your hands.  Save our country Lord and have YOUR way on the next President.  YOU ARE LORD JESUS.  JESUS IS LORD.   We don't need a King or an idol for a President.  We need a servant.  But YOU ARE LORD. 

And help us all individually in our personal lives.  We plead the blood of Jesus and angels of God over us in every area of life!  In the mighty name of Jesus, amen!