Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Former Democrat's Different Prayer for Financial Miracles and Provision

In the past I would have prayed a different prayer.  I would have been asking God to pass this bill to give the people more unemployment benefits.   That is not my job at this point in my life after coming over to the conservative side of things politically.

In the past I didn't know about politics and what kind of affects legislation has on our country.  To pray a different kind of prayer does not make me a cruel Conservative or Republican.  The kind of thinking I have learned politically is meant to set people free financially and in every other area of life.  Our trust needs to be in God anyway!  We can NOT rely on the government to provide every need. 

The government can NOT do what God can do.  You want the desires of your heart you have to go to God for the provision.  God directly to God for that creative miracle of provision to be used by Him.  For Him to give you the provision you need through using your talents and the things you like to do is much better than relying on unreliable government that also keeps putting this country in more and more debt.   

My prayer would still have been for God to supply every need according to HIS RICHES IN GLORY BY CHRIST JESUS Philippians 4:19 and that is my prayer also today!  For the hundreds, thousands and millions that are unemployed I do pray this prayer.

I also pray that all these people would be drawn to Jesus Christ knowing He is there provider also.  For those who already believe and have that relationship with you dear Jesus I ask you for all the miracles they need.  And for you to show yourself strong on behalf of those who love you.  And to do even MORE abundantly above all that we ask or think according to your riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

I pray for the blessing of the Lord to come upon your believing ones.  For those who don't know you to KNOW you and for those who don't believe that yo are a wonder working God that you touch them with the miracle and long lasting provision they need.

I pray for God to open doors for you that no man can close and close all the wrong doors that no man can re-open that YOU receive the greatest dream job you have ever knows.  The job, career, provision that uses what YOU LOVE TO DO and gives you the money you need to pay your bills and buy what you want and need.  And that it be an ABUNDANT supply. 

That you wake up everyday to your dream come true doing what you LOVE to do job and you get paid for it.  Praise you Jesus Christ.  And some of you don't even know what that is that you want to do so I ask the Lord to show you and just simply make a way and take you into it supernaturally giving God all the glory!

We need more that one little provision for the day Lord.  We need lasting provision.  I pray that you provide in miraculous ways like you never have so that you also will get the glory!  And we ask all of this in the Mighty Name of Jesus!  Amen

P.S.  And Lord that these people will NOT forget you in their tithes, offerings, love gifts giving you back what belongs to you at least 10 percent and more and then the provision will surely keep coming!  Amen