Monday, August 27, 2012

My always prayers

Dear God

Always praying for the TROOPS, our HEROES out in the battlefields, in training and around the world.  ALWAYS praying for our VETERANS, our HEROES of every war.  ALWAYS praying for our military in harms way, with PTSD, that they be HEALED, those with physical injuries, for MILITARY MARRIAGES, and FAMILIES, for the CHILDREN, WIVES, HUSBANDS that are left behind and have the worry about their loved ones, and ALWAYS of COURSE those who have lost their lives, have given their lives for our country and it's freedom, for their precious FAMILIES that have suffered loss.  God bless America and thank HIM for our heroes who keep us safe.

ALWAYS praying for our LAW ENFORCEMENT all around our country, POLICE, FIREFIGHTERS, PARAmedics, HOSPITAL workers, first responders, NURSES, DOCTORS, FBI, CIA for all who are in our government here to keep us safe.

ALWAYS praying for the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY that now God begin to move this one OUT and our new one in.  ALWAYS praying for SENATE and HOUSE to be cleaned UP and removed the bad guys.  ALWAYS praying for our SUPREME COURT JUDGES to do the right thing and make the right choice votes on things that affect our lives and those of the unborn.

ALWAYS praying against abortion...that the women make the right choice to have their baby and to not harm it by aborting it.  ALWAYS praying for children and adults that have been abducted that God keep them safe and return to their family.  ALWAYS praying against molestation, child and adult abductions.  ALWAYS praying against human trafficking.

ALWAYS praying against evil Islamic extremism, sharia law that would try to invade America and around the world.  ALWAYS praying against drug cartels.

ALWAYS praying for YOU family, friends, loved ones and YOUR family, friends and loved ones, God keep YOU safe, healed, healthy, blessed, provide every need.

ALWAYS praying for the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ touch, raise up, bring in the harvest, Jesus come quickly.

IN the Mighty Name of Jesus!  Amen

Have a wonderful day!

Love, Wandafay