Monday, May 17, 2004

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Today's horrible news about our American citizen beheaded in Iraq sickened us all. This young man had gone to Iraq to try to help the people. My question is how much has the Church been praying? I KNOW by the Spirit of God that the Church, God's Church, Jesus' Church, "Churches" (the majority of the Church) has NOT been praying! Some are, most aren't. I know this and who ever wants to hate me for it, that is fine. I don't care! God is telling His church to pray! Instead, we continue in our sin of prayerlessness while the world suffers on.

If I could YELL it to the CHURCH (leaders/Pastors, not all pastor's, just the prayerless pastors and those who leave and lead their congregations in prayerlessness) I would! START PRAYING! AND DON'T STOP! You can do this and still enjoy an "abundant" happy life! We are the ONES RESPONSIBLE! GOD HOLDS us accountable! I don't care whoever in the church comes here and reads this and calls me crazy, a fanatic and "under the law". NO! I am not under the law! Most of the horrible things in the world at this time could be avoided if the church were praying! I know this is the "last days" and you better believe you better be praying, but MOST of the stuff going on RIGHT NOW, much of it could be handled in a second if the "Church" on the whole were praying. I am speaking to the church and "I too have the Spirit of the Lord".

To All Pastor's! Beginning if you haven't BEEN to incorporate corporate prayer into your schedules on a SERIOUS basis! Don't just pray for the needs of the "church", pray out of the box! Do as the Word says, "First of all prayers..." for leaders, kings, etc. Pray for our Soldiers and Americans in Iraq, for missionaries, for innocent people all over the world. Take authority over these terrorist THUGS! BIND their EVIL! Loose God's power, protection, peace over situations. Pray the Lord of the harvest send out laborers! This is not a "SUGGESTION". Right before Jesus was crucified He found the disciples "asleep". They couldn't even stay awake and pray Him through with courage, strength and stamina to go to the cross. Instead He had to pray Himself through and sweat GREAT DROPS OF BLOOD doing it!

We, the "Church", had better get off our big fat duff and get to it! We are lazy and asleep where it comes to prayer and then we wonder "why"? As we blame it all on the "world", hollywood, the government, secular media all pointing fingers outward with none pointing back to the place where "judgment BEGINS at the house of God"!