Monday, December 28, 2009

Prayer For The New Week and New Year

Dear God

It's a new week! And a new year coming up! Today Lord we just come into your presence and praise your Holy Name first of all. Thank you for every little a big thing in our lives. Thank you for Jesus, for your grace Lord Jesus, mercy, strength, wisdom, love, peace, joy. We lift up America to you Lord. We lift up our troops! We lift up our lives. We take authority over the devil from our lives, our country, our troops, congress and the man in the Whitehouse. Devil YOU are defeated from America! We are sick of you controlling congress and obama and from instilling into our country your lies and evil that will cause us to be controlled by a socialist agenda! STOP IT RIGHT NOW! devil you are bound!

Father thank you for your Holy Spirit that you touch every area of life now and help us! Lead and guide and provide! We give you all the honor and glory! IN the Mighty Name of Jesus! Amen!