Tuesday, February 16, 2010

General Prayer For a Not So General Time

Dear God

It's late and I'm a little tired.  For America I pray that you forgive us for all our sins, for abortion, for pornography, for leaders trying to take this country in the wrong direction.  Have mercy on us dear God.  Thank you for the freedom we have in this nation thanks to YOU, our Constitution and our Military; the fighting men and women on the battlefield now and those who have served before and are Veterans now.  To them and their families and those who have died and were wounded for our freedom we owe and gigantic amount of gratitude. 

A special prayer for the locked up troops that fought in the war and are now held in prison because of the terrible plague of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS.  This country has detoured into an area where some hold terrorists and terrorism, insurgence higher than the precious soldiers who were sent to kill them, destroy them.  We pray you would turn things around for them Lord because this is not the America we all knew that would do that to brave soldiers.  Set them free Lord we pray! 

Lord, for the individual lives in our lives, for those who frequent my life and community, social networks, my family, friends, loved ones, my precious son, for the families of my friends, loved ones and even those I don't personally know who may come along and read please dear God bless all.  Touch with your protecting blood of Jesus, angels of God and help us all.  We give you all the praise and glory and are forever thankful to you dear gracious God!  In Jesus Name we pray, amen!

We pray for finances for all, healing for bodies no matter how seemingly impossible the situation.  Open unusually wonderful doors for the faithful who have stood the test of time and patience and endurance.  

Love,  Wandafay