Sunday, December 14, 2003

Thank you Jesus! By now you all probably know about the great news of Saddam Hussein's capture. Praising God all day long about that! BUT let us NOT stop praying. There will ALWAYS be so much more to do and pray about. While we are carrying out the PREACHING OF THE GOSPEL, running our churches, ministries, homes, families, jobs, etc. PLEASE continue to pray over OUR TROOPS, against any further terrorism against our TROOPS, Israel, our country, other countries, MISSIONARIES, PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS around the world, STARVING BABIES, CHILDREN AND GROWUPS, all those afflicted with sickness and disease, and for God to CONTINUE to send LABOURERS into the fields already WHITE and ready to go for the harvest.


And to remind you all this can ALL be done while living our "regular" lives from day to day. It does not take much to send up a prayer to God throughout the day for ANYTHING the HOLY SPIRIT directs you to pray about. AND, ALSO it doesn't take a rocket scientist to pray. EVERY body CAN pray; from housewives, to children, to businessmen AND women, movie stars, ditch diggers, pastors and congressmen and women!


Love, and praising God for the victory! God Bless our troops! And God Bless America! AMEN! and AMEN!

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Father we lift up all "terrorist". Because YOU said in YOUR WORD Dear God that we could HAVE WHAT WE SAY, we come in agreement and ask that you put GREAT GREAT GREAT LOVE in the hearts of the "terrorists" for all people INCLUDING; Americans, Jews, coaltions troops, and ALL innocent people around the world. We "CALL THINGS THAT BE NOT AS THOUGH THEY WERE", so we Call TERRORISM reversed! We give YOU ALMIGHTY GOD JESUS CHRIST ALL THE PRAISE AND GLORY FOREVER AND EVER, Amen!

Please continue to pray for the current requests below also.

AND, we pray for you to heal the hurts and the hearts of those who lost loved ones from the terrorism in Turkey this day. Also Father, send your healing love to ALL the families who lost soldier loved ones today in the helicopter crashes in Iraq. AND for all those who have lost loved ones from the war.

Also, Father, PLEASE touch the Iraqi people and keep them safe from terrorist attacks and heal their land from all the abuse from Saddam Hussein. In the Precious and Mighty Name of Jesus. Amen!

Thursday, November 13, 2003


WE TAKE AUTHORITY OVER THE TERRORIST'S PLAN to strike again! We PULL down the STRONGHOLDS of their plans and their HATRED of Americans, coalition TROOPS, Christians, Israel, Jews, and all innocent peoples of the world!

satan! You spirit from hell working through these people, we BIND you in the Mighty Name of Jesus! We CURSE you at the root of their geneology made in the image of God!

We lose God's HOLY SPIRIT and ANOINTED POWER to touch these people and put YOUR LOVE in their hearts for Americans, coalitons TROOPS, Christians, Jews, and all innocent people of the world. And we give you ALL the Glory Lord Jesus Christ! In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ! ALMIGHTY GOD! AMEN!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Father, we come in agreement and BIND any and all terrorism from America, our Soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world everywhere, Israel, and all innocent people. We BIND you satan in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

We BIND any one including from the help of the ACLU or ANY judge from overturning todays bill signed by our President BANNING partial birth abortion! We BIND them from messing with the little unborn children any more! AND we ask you Father to forgive us for any and all abortions and we ask that you STOP any women or girl from having an abortion. We pray for conviction and a supernatural awareness that that little tiny human being IS a human being before it is too late.

Thank you for your mercy and grace Lord Jesus. Please touch the entire world for you and draw all men, women and children unto you. In Jesus Name! Amen!

Help us, heal us, bless us and make us a blessing that YOU may establish your covenant in this earth. Even so come quickly Lord Jesus!

Love, Wanda

Friday, October 31, 2003

Thank you everyone for praying about the fires in California.

PLEASE ALSO continue to pray for our troops.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Well! Praise God! We CALI-FORNIANS have a BRAND NEW GOVERNATOR! All Right God! Thank you Jesus! Some FRESH blood! Governor Arnie! He said he'd be baack! And Sho' nuff' he's BAACK! Well!

Father, thank you for our new Governor Arnold Schwartzeneger (sp?). We pray you will help him right now to know what to do. Put all of the people in his path that he needs to run this state the way you want in run. And bless all the people of California. Thank you for YOUR be done on earth as it is in heaven. In the Mighty Name of Jesus! Amen!

Sunday, October 05, 2003

SHOOTING at TURNER MONUMENTAL CHURCH in ATLANTA today. Father, we lift up the hurting people right now that have been touched by this tragedy. Oh, Lord, we come to you right now and ask for peace, comfort, and love to rule and reign in this congregation and upon the people, the loved one who lost loved one today. For the pastor who died Lord, we ask you to touch his family and friends and the congregation. We BIND this kind of thing from EVEN happening again! In the Mighty Name of Jesus.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL PROBLEMS. We ask you Lord to touch and heal people all over this world who are hurting and suffering from mental and emotional problems. We BIND the evil spirits from hell that try to TORMENT people with this affliction! We send peace, love, joy, and the blood of Jesus, and angels of God. In the Mighty Name of Jesus! Amen!

1. TROOPS/IRAQ. We continue to lift up our troops around the world and especially in IRAQ and Afghanistan. We pour the blood of Jesus over them and the Angles of God. Be a shield about them Lord. Touch the people of Iraq and help them to ACT right and be grateful for being delivered from the monster Sadaam Hussein.

2. MISSIONARIES. We lift up missionaries around the world and pray for you to please protect them Lord. Blood of Jesus, Angles of God, deliverance from ANY and ALL harm. Sent the finances they need. Protect them from sickness, disease, and ALL harm. Anoint them and draw people to you Jesus.

In the Mighty Name of Jesus! Amen!

Sunday, June 29, 2003

1. Please Continue to be praying for our TROUPS in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world.
2. Continue to pray for Al Queda/Terrorists, etc. (around the world of course and in the Indonesian Islands, etc.

Father we come to you again in the mighty Name of Jesus and ask you to cover our troups around the world. We plead the blood of Jesus and Angels of God over them and ask that you keep them safe. We BIND all terrorism against them, all spiper attacks and suicide/homocide bombers, etc. We cover our Country, and world with the Word of God, blood of Jesus, Angels of ALMIGHTY GOD and give you all the praise and glory for your Mercy, Grace, Peace, Love, Joy and Power of the Holy Spirit! Thank you for Anointing your Church to Occupy until you Come and Subdue the earth. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Love, Wanda

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

(UPDATE to the post below: It has been over two and a half years now and the war is still on. BUT....what happened to the Church? Well, of course the Church quit really praying for our troops as usual when we get a victory we somehow seem to "celebrate" and quit REALLY praying. So....on this date CHRISTMAS DAY December 25, 2005 we now have over a couple THOUSAND troops have died. What if....what if.....beginning tomorrow the Church would just get back on its knees so to speak and began with the same fervency we originally had when we went to war to pray again for our troops. HINT: We take authority over the IED's-those are road side bombs. In the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS. Amen.)

WOW! The day the war began my prayer request was for a "Five minute war". I was VERY serious and FAITH filled. BUT, as we all know right after the beginning of the war there were some very tragic situations and casualties. Some of these were from friendly fire and some even from not so friendly friendly fire.

Then a little later the tragic wrong turn of some of our "maintenance troops" which landed some killed and others taken POWS. BUT, praise God He kept them safe and rescued them from the captors. We all praised God for these miracles.

WOW! Do you really even remember having a war. I know I was personally very war out (get it-wore out), but was so thankful for the priviledge to have been able to PRAY FERVENTLY for our precious troops. On the nights right before they were suppose to be reaching Bagdad, I was in GREAT STRESSFUL TURMOILED PRAYER knowing the possiblity of Nuclear, Chemical, and/or Biological warfare on our precious troops. I BELIEVE God stopped them from moving too fast into Bagdad. They needed SLEEP and REFRESHING from the gruleling trip up to Bagdad. So it was several days later they moved into Bagdad after that particular prayer.

AND what a GLORIOUS APPEARING of our troops they were. With the fall of the statue of Saddam Hussein on that particular day we were all rejoicing in the great victory appearing.

CAN you believe there was even a war? For the ones who lost precious precious precious loved ones, they KNOW and REMEMBER WELL there was a war. We MUST pray for them. And REMEMBER the loved ones of 9-11? Have we forgotten so soon? Let's keep praying for them. We are all wore out and recouperating, but STILL continue in prayer for our troops and Binding terrorism. Pray for the Arabs/Muslims their hearts open to the ONE true God Jesus. (Can't they just go to work or something. Don't they have a job to go to????) How do they EVER find time to continue in their hatred rioting acts against God, America and Jerusalem? Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

NOW IS THE TIME TO DRAW NEAR TO THE HEART OF JESUS and give Him your total LOVE and devotion. Draw near to Him and Rest in His awesome Love and be refreshed.

Love, in Christ!

Sunday, April 13, 2003

You have not heard from me here for a while. I've been in PRAYER. When I post something on here and you don't hear from me for a while, it probably means I am continuing in prayer and for the things already posted as well as the others things that come up in the NEWS. As you can see, you may know where my priority is. I am TRUSTING that you are in prayer also on a continual basis. What GREAT VICTORIES our Troops have accomplished with the awesome help of our ALMIGHTY GOD. But let us continue in prayer. REMEMBER the troops are not home. They are STILL there, and so am I! We will not DROP the ball, but continue to pray for their protection and VICTORY.

BUT we have seen SUCH VICTORY! This week as the statue of Sadaam Hussein fell in Bagdad was such an AWESOME sight and the rejoicing of the people of Iraq. Can't you see the love that God has for this people? HE SAW THEIR PAIN and moved on the COALITION Nations of the World to actually DO SOMETHING ABOUT their pain from a horrible evil regime. AND I believe we WILL find the "smoking gun" of Weapons of Mass Distruction in the belly of hell in the underground bunkers of the DEVIL'S REGIME in the Cradle of Civilization, the Garden of Eden where that old serpent the devil began his evil tactics on mankind.

In Jesus Name Father we praise you and pray you continue hunting down the sly slick dog of the devil and give us COMPLETE VICTORY over TROUBLE in this world. And for your power to continue to help us PREACH THE GOSPEL to the end of the world. Even so come, Lord Jesus, but protect us from the EVIL ONE as we OCCUPY until you come. And THANKS God for helping us TAKE BACK AMERICA. Bless our precious children, their lives, and future! In Jesus Mighty Name! Amen!

Love, Wanda
Your Rewards are COMING for your Faithfulness to Pray!

Monday, March 24, 2003

OK! GUYS! THIS IS THE BIG ONE! Here is where we need to REALLY be on our knees for the TROUPS! (Well, we have been and will continue to be), BUT as the troups arrive nearer and nearer BAGDAD as they are, the THREAT of Iraq UNLEASHING BIO/CHEM on our coalition troups MUST be BOUND! BOUND! BOUND! WE BIND IT ALL RIGHT NOW! We come in agreement in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS! WE pull down the strongholds of it and sniper attacks from anywhere and everywhere in the Mighty Name of Jesus!

We LOOSE millions and billions of angels to be with our troups as they march around Jericho and THE WALLS MUST come down! In the Mighty Name of Jesus!

Blood of Jesus, Blood of Jesus, Blood of Jesus, Blood of Jesus over our troups right now! In the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ! Almighty GOD! ALMIGHTY GOD! ALMIGHTY GOD! God with us! In the Mighty Name of Jesus!

Amen! Love, Wanda!
Stay Strong for our Troups and their love ones!

Sunday, March 23, 2003


Dear Friends
After hearing of todays news about the murder of some of our troups (a bullit through the head of four (?) would appear to me to be murder) and our now prisoners of war, I went through much time of psychological (thoughts) of possible scenarios of inhumane treatment of our troups from a REGIME that practices torture on it's own people (AND GOD FORBID anymore captures-especially as the troups arrive closer to Bagdad!) During this time I began to pray again, but feeling very overwhelmed of the enourmous PRAYER job WE MUST PROVIDE for our TROUPS. WE MUST STAY FOCUSED!

ALSO after hearing disturbing news of some other things that happened

1. The grenade attack by "one of our own"-OR was he REALLY one of our own? (God FORBID there are "Al Queda" from possible years of planning IMBEDED in our military!)
3. Accidents with HELICOPTERS


Continue to pray about these kind (above) details.

Plead the blood of Jesus, Angels of God over our troups on a continual basis and continue to worship and praise the Lord in your homes throughout the days. For yourselves STAY STRONG also. OUR TROUPS NEED US TO BE STRONG IN PRAY FOR THEM!

In the Mighty Name of Jesus!

Love, Wanda

Friday, March 21, 2003


Thursday, March 20, 2003


Continuing to Pray for our troups (see all prayers below including Sundays prayer March 16)

1. Yesterday we BOUND the sand storms. (Subdue-Genesis). They did subside! Praise God!
2. Yesterday I sent a Prayer to the Western Wall via You can do the same (protection for Israel
from scud missiles, etc. and any and all terrorsim.)
3. BIND "friendly fire".
4. Ask for millions of Angels for our troups (there are more with us than with them)
5. I asked the Lord for a 5 minute war. (it WOULD be nice if they already got Goliath).
6. Prayed for physical and spiritual strength for our troups (and when I say troups I AUTOMATICALLY INCLUDE all our allies)
7. BIND the heat in those Bio/Chem suits, etc. If/When they have to use them. I pray they don't!!!!
8. Co-ordination of the orders so there are no mistakes and overlaps causing tragedy, etc.
9. OF COURSE safety for all innocent people in Iraq and other countries.

American has NEVER been the "tail" and we won't now here or ever! The Gospel will continue to be preached from here.

Any other "DETAILS" of war that you can think of pray it! Bind it! Take authority OVER it!

IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS! We come in the Name of the Lord!

Over and Out for now Troup Jesus!

Love, Wanda

Sunday, March 16, 2003

TODAY IN THE NEWS: President Bush and a hand full of friends met.

Protection over innocent people in Iraq and that Saddam Hussein WILL NOT be able to use them as "human shields".





(While we are DOING THE "work of the Lord", let's don't EVER FORGET to plead the blood of Jesus and angels of God over our children EVERY EVERY EVERY DAY that the enemy does not get a foothold through ANY crack in any door through sickness, tragedy, etc. i.e. while we are "doing the work of the Lord", etc.

In Jesus Mighty Name! Amen!

Please come back here everyday for some of the MOST IMPORTANT things WE as God's Church NEED to be praying about on a daily basis and in our weekly gatherings. WE MUST DO THIS BECAUSE THIS IS OUR JOB as part of SUBDUE so we can continue to PREACH THE GOSPEL TO THE WORLD AND THEN the end shall come. AND for us to ESTABLISH HIS covenant in this earth. And part of that covenant is the awesome promise of ABUNDANT LIFE! WE will protect that for us and our children and our children's children and OCCUPY until He comes! Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.

Friday, March 07, 2003

Well, praise God! It's Friday and as many of you know the President spoke to us last night. The U.N. spoke today. We HAVE been praying! We HAVE been doing our job through WORSHIP, PRAISE, and PRAYER! WE have laid the FOUNDATION for SUCCESS! We will continue to water our prayers and we will continue to worship and praise the Lord! AND the Lord will fight our battles!

They do seem like GIANTS don't they? Do we look like GRASSHOPPERS in our own sight? No, no, no, no not me! We MUST resist the temptation to see ourselves as grasshoppers! When it gets down to the nitty gritty of life I HAVE learn that I will take the high road with CHRIST and HIS WORD and BELIEVE IT! And God NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER FAILS!

For us to believe that HE would fail us even in the "big" things of life is really just an insult to HIM.

Water These Things in Your PRAYERS.

1. That God would REALLY REALLY REALLY touch the Leader, and all below him in NORTH KOREA.
2. Pull down STRONGHOLDS of evil wherever the Holy Spirit tells you there is evil.
3. Take AUTHORITY over the spirit of fear, terror, terrorism, and STUPIDITY in the lives of EVERY one on earth.
4. BIND the scales off the eyes of unbelievers all over the world.
5. Ask God to send labourers into the world and for HIM to DRAW all men unto him.
6. Continue to Plead the Blood of Jesus over yourself, your family, friends, loved ones, CHILDREN/TEENS, YOUTH, YOUNG PEOPLE, all over the world.
7. AND OUR TROUPS. We claim the Blood of Jesus, AND ANGELS OF GOD!

Monday, February 10, 2003

This in not the time to START PRAYING for the situation in the Middle East and IRAQ in particular. We SHOULD HAVE ALREADY BEEN praying and being in prayer over that and we need to continue and stay in prayer over this. BUT if anyone hasn't been praying, then YES! Get it on! ALL congregations should be in continual prayer about this. We need to be covering all the troups and innocent people with the Blood of Jesus, Angels of God and especially for the front line troups for a Supernatural protective shield. We we ALL agree! In the Mighty Name of Jesus! Amen!

Sunday, January 19, 2003

This is not meant for anyone personally. It is meant for whosoever it is meant for. But we all need to continue to be in prayer! And that is NOT HARD! Don't make prayer a difficult thing! Make it like a drinking water and breathing thing! We are at WAR! Remember September 11? Remember? Every person in every congregation needs to be taught how to pray and to be in prayer in their everyday life! Everybody CAN pray no matter what they do in life! No excuse!!!

Well, everybody should still be continuing to pray over our troops and allies and asking for God to give our leaders and all wisdom! And all Pastors should also be leading their flock in prayer and to be in prayer, etc. After all the churches PRAYERLESSNESS is really what made VIETNAM a CATASTOPHE! And that is the tragic truth! WE are responsible for much of the tradgedy in this world through OUR prayerlessness! Open not for discussion.

Pray hard. Play hard. But don't play hard if you don't PRAY hard. We are at WAR. We in the Church will always be at war and if we ever leave our post at prayer then we stand before the Lord for what we did not do, but knew TO DO. Leaders! Take your stand! Do your job, lest the Lord come and remove your candlestick. It's time to get serious for those who are not serious. For those who want to continue to just play church without the power, will be left without the power. In a world so devestatingly hurting leadership lacking in the Prayer Mode, standing in the unbelief in all that Jesus did mode, leaving their flocks hurting sick, bruised, tormented and prayerless stand in the presence of God Almighty responsible.

And in all of this there is STILL no condemnation and the joy of the Lord is STILL our strength.

I say this in love in the mighty Name of Jesus! Take it to heart!

The Lord does nothing without revealing His secrets to the Prophets. But if they laugh at the Prophets. Oh well. And the Prophets are held responsible to pray also. They aren't exempt from prayer.

Sunday, January 12, 2003

Saturday, January 11, 2003

Father, I lift up the people to you! I take authority over sickness and disease right now! I pull down and bind the strongholds of the enemy stealing, killing, and destroying through sickness and disease or any other terrible calamity! I curse cancer at the root! We take authority over and bind the cancer, heart attacks, strokes, high or low blood pressure, cardiac arrest, enlarged heart, and all types of cancer! In the Mighty Name of Jesus!

We loose the blood of Jesus over our children, husbands, wives, marriages, friends, familities, congregations, cities, towns, nations and world. We pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

We BIND terrorism in every and all forms. We ask you to convict the evil in the hearts of men and women every where. We ask for your mercy, grace and peace to be upon our land and the nations of the world. We ask you to draw all men unto YOU. We ask that you send Laborers into the harvest and keep them safe. We ask you to Anointed Ministers, Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, Teachers, Missionaries, Christian TV and Radio all over and every where to preach the Gospel of the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ and keep them ever so safe!

We bind the scales off the eyes of people in the entire world that would blind them toward the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

We pray all of this in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ Almighty God! We give you Praise and Glory! Amen!

Love, Wanda
Have a Nice Day!
The Joy of the Lord is Our Strength!
Walk in Love toward the brethren.
Be at Peace with all men without which no one will see the Lord!