Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Obama administration FDA approved Plan B for minors

Without a prescription girls as young as 15 may now walk into a pharmacy and purchase from the shelves Plan B medicine that if taken properly they say will keep an egg from being fertilized by sperm.  The young girl must have ID to prove they are at least 15.  This is open up an entire new government required agency I'm sure.  Obama the job creator did not personally approve Plan B, but with his recent trip as keynote speaker last Friday morning to Planned Parenhood is an indication he wouldn't fight hard against Plan B.

What are we coming to?  Oh, we are already there, have already been there, but now we are really there!  No discussion in our society about wait until after marriage for sex....abstinence.  That shouldn't be a dirty word.  I'm sure Piers Morgan will be jumping up and down for the approval of this drug for young girls.  But what side affects in the long run will be the outcome.  What kind of physical, DNA complications will this have on young women later in their lives. 

You decide America!  Either we begin talking about abstinence or we let our young children continue to grow up in a world where adults and parents don't give a rats ass about their young futures.