Sunday, January 19, 2003

This is not meant for anyone personally. It is meant for whosoever it is meant for. But we all need to continue to be in prayer! And that is NOT HARD! Don't make prayer a difficult thing! Make it like a drinking water and breathing thing! We are at WAR! Remember September 11? Remember? Every person in every congregation needs to be taught how to pray and to be in prayer in their everyday life! Everybody CAN pray no matter what they do in life! No excuse!!!

Well, everybody should still be continuing to pray over our troops and allies and asking for God to give our leaders and all wisdom! And all Pastors should also be leading their flock in prayer and to be in prayer, etc. After all the churches PRAYERLESSNESS is really what made VIETNAM a CATASTOPHE! And that is the tragic truth! WE are responsible for much of the tradgedy in this world through OUR prayerlessness! Open not for discussion.

Pray hard. Play hard. But don't play hard if you don't PRAY hard. We are at WAR. We in the Church will always be at war and if we ever leave our post at prayer then we stand before the Lord for what we did not do, but knew TO DO. Leaders! Take your stand! Do your job, lest the Lord come and remove your candlestick. It's time to get serious for those who are not serious. For those who want to continue to just play church without the power, will be left without the power. In a world so devestatingly hurting leadership lacking in the Prayer Mode, standing in the unbelief in all that Jesus did mode, leaving their flocks hurting sick, bruised, tormented and prayerless stand in the presence of God Almighty responsible.

And in all of this there is STILL no condemnation and the joy of the Lord is STILL our strength.

I say this in love in the mighty Name of Jesus! Take it to heart!

The Lord does nothing without revealing His secrets to the Prophets. But if they laugh at the Prophets. Oh well. And the Prophets are held responsible to pray also. They aren't exempt from prayer.

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