Sunday, October 12, 2008

Are You Voting For obama To Be Validated?

For people who don't know why they are voting for obama, I know why. You are voting for obama because it makes you "feel" validated. There's something about obama that makes you feel like he is like you. What is it? Is it his blackness? Is it where he came from? The south side of Chicago? Is it that he was raised by a single mom? You can relate? Is it because before knowing who he was as a man running for the President of the United States you didn't know who he was, where he came from, and what he did or did not do? Can you relate to that? You're a "nobody" and now a person who was a "nobody" is running for President and you kind of feel like you're the one running? All of these things one or more they make you "FEEL" good about YOURSELF. This is exactly why you are voting for obama.

You would'nt be voting for him because he did anything of substantial value because he didn't. You wouldn't be voting for him because he was a great politician, a great Congressman, because he wasn't. He has been a Senator for less than four months. What has he done? A "community organizer" like "Jesus"- what an insult to the Son of the Living God. You wouldn't be voting for him for what he can do for our country because we really don't know what he is about and what he has planned of substance EXCEPT for the twisted plans he says he has for our country.

So now! YOU! Average American Joe Blow is voting for barack obama for the very wrong reasons. Think again before you vote for a man we know nothing about except for the corrupt friends he has hung around. God hold you accountable for how you vote. And this is one that really counts. Thank you for listening and reading. And God bless America! God bless our troops.


Bobby Critchfeld said...

What is with you? Don't you remember your old pals from our days at the KKK rallies?

Wanda Gladwill said...

Dear Bobby

As I said before over at "Do The Right Thing" I don't know you or your friends and have never spoken with you or your friends and I also have never been a part of the KKK or it's rallies. Thanks for the comments full of LIES and keep em coming but I will only allow so many of them from you and then I will cut you off like a naughty bad child. And remember Bobby to LOL and "No weapon formed against me or this blog or Cyber Crew will ever prosper and every tongue that rises up against us will be condemned!" Isaiah 54:17

Love, Wanda

kris said...

Dear Wanda

I'm not sure how Obama "validates" me. I can assure you, I definitely do not feel like I'm running for President.

My concern is with McCain. See Hitchins, Buckley, Will, The Washington Post and now, even Bill O'Reilly for the reasons why.

What gets me is the way in which this entire matter has become highly personalised. That's right out of the moonbat playbook, and I am astounded good Republican people feel the need to indulge themselves in that way.

Play the ball, not the wo/man.